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The process comprises a first phase in which the aggregates used are subjected to drying, the sand grains are then separated from the filler, and then the various components of the concrete (cement-sand-gravel-filler and, if necessary, other additives and/or additions), are proportioned, homogenized and tempered; the mixture is then subjected to a dry selective mixing process until a homogenous end product is obtained, characterised in that the degree of residual humidity, of the whole, is lower than 2% of its weight, preferably ranging from 0 to 0.6%, which is supplied as a dry product in bulk, neither mixed nor tempered with water until the time of its utilisation by the end consumer. The drying phase, in the case of some aggregates, may be replaced by a selective grinding. For use in building and engineering construction.

Dry concrete in bulk and process for obtaining the same.
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EP19900500113 19901205
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0478864 (A2)
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December 5, 1990
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April 8, 1992
Madera Iglesias Jose Ramon
Madera Iglesias Jose Ramon
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