0471138-A2 is referenced by 6 patents and cites 5 patents.

To produce an electrical measuring resistor having a predetermined temperature coefficient for a resistance thermometer, a substrate made of aluminium oxide ceramic is provided with a thin platinum film, to which a layer composed of a preparation which contains platinum resinate and rhodium sulphoresinate and whose rhodium content governs the desired temperature coefficient is then applied by screen printing. After drying and baking said screen-printed layer, the substrate coated in this way is subjected to heat treatment at a temperature in the range from 1000 to 1400 DEG C until the rhodium is uniformly dispersed in the previous platinum resistance layer or the resistance layer being formed.

Process for producing an electrical measuring resistor.
Application Number
EP19910102300 19910219
Publication Number
0471138 (A2)
Application Date
February 19, 1991
Publication Date
February 19, 1992
Englert Werner
Wienand Karlheinz Dr
Heraeus Sensor
H01C 17/22
H01C 07/02
G01K 07/18
H01C 17/22
H01C 07/02
H01C 17/232
H01C 07/02
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