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Addition polymerization catalysts of the formula L l MX A prepared by oxidation of a Group 4 or Lanthanide metal derivative of the formula L l MX2 with an oxidizing agent of the formula (Ox)b(A)d are free of interfering amine byproducts. In these formulae:- L independently each occurrence is a ligand or ligand system, especially a eta -cyclopentadienyl group optionally covalently bonded to M through a substituent; l is an integer, especially 1; M is a Group 4 or Lanthanide metal, especially titanium or zirconium; X is a hydride or a hydrocarbyl, silyl or germyl group having up to 20 carbon, silicon or germanium atoms, especially benzyl; A is a monovalent compatible noncoordinating anion, especially perfluorotetraphenyl borate; Ox is a cationic oxidizer having a charge (+a), especially Ag or ferrocenium; A- is a compatible noncoordinating anion; and b and d are integers selected to provide charge balance.

Addition polymerization catalyst with oxidative activation.
Application Number
EP19910305955 19910701
Publication Number
0468651 (A1)
Application Date
July 1, 1991
Publication Date
January 29, 1992
Lapointe Robert E
Dow Chemical Co
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