0467249-A1 cites 4 patents.

In a car transportation trailer having at least one axle with running wheels at both ends of the axle and having two running rails, for the cars to be transported, oriented in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle and tiltable about an axis running transversely with respect to the longitudinal direction of the vehicle, the running rails forming in each case in the region of the running wheels a wheel case, provision is made that in each case a cable 6 is mounted at the front end 1 of the two wheel cases 20, said cable being guided about a deflection roller 7 and mounted on the chassis 13.

Car transportation trailer.
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EP19910111716 19910713
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0467249 (A1)
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July 13, 1991
Publication Date
January 22, 1992
Neumann Siegfried
Neumann Siegfried
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B60P 03/07
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