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This device incorporates a selection unit (20) to which the components are connected and which selects one of the components. A measurement unit (28) determines the noise from the selected component and consists of means (32, 34) which bias the selected component and process the signals supplied by the selected component so biased. The unit (28) also includes means of analysis (36) which determine the noise from the signals supplied by the processing means. A means (10) of controlling the selection unit (20) and the measurement unit (28), is electrically decoupled from the selection unit (20) and the biasing and processing means (32, 34). Application to the sorting of electronic components after their manufacture.

Automatic device for noise measurement of electronic components.
Application Number
EP19910401258 19910515
Publication Number
0458678 (A1)
Application Date
May 15, 1991
Publication Date
November 27, 1991
Lucas Christian
Guiga Angelo
Commissariat Energie Atomique
G01R 31/26
G01R 31/26
G01R 31/26
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