0455469-A2 cites 4 patents.

A tire building apparatus (1) includes a main hollow shaft (2), a rotatable screw shaft (3) inserted in the main shaft, a pair of slider units (15) axially movably supported so that upon rotating the screw shaft the slider units move through equal distances toward and away from each other, a pair of support member assemblies (19) expansibly and contractibly supported by the slider units for supporting the bead portions (B) of a green case (G) on radially insides by the support member assemblies when expanded to increase their diameters, a pair of movable blocks (27) axially movably supported to be able to abut against the slider units, a drum core (33) in the form of a ring to surround the main shaft between the slider units, a link mechanism (37); connecting the drum core and the movable blocks for expanding the drum core when the movable blocks move axially inwardly toward each other and contracting the drum core when the movable blocks move axially outwardly away from each other, a pair of stoppers (40) for regulating axially outward movement of the movable blocks when the drum core contracts to its minimum diameter, and a spring (42) for urging the movable blocks axially outwardly.

Tire building apparatus.
Application Number
EP19910303912 19910430
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0455469 (A2)
Application Date
April 30, 1991
Publication Date
November 6, 1991
Nakashima Hiroshi
Tokunaga Toshio
Nakajima Tsuneharu
B29D 30/24
B29D 30/20
B29D 30/24
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