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A cord winding apparatus is used for supplying and spirally winding a cord to and around an outer surface of a toroidal tire constituent member rotating about its axis. The apparatus includes a movable frame (20), a guide mechanism (24) for guiding a cord (C) paid out of an external bobbin, a supply roller (25) for supplying and pressing the cord introduced through the guide mechanism against the outer surface of the tire constituent member (1), a tension mechanism (50) for giving tensile force to the cord between the guide mechanism and the supply roller, a detection means (53) for detecting tensile force of the cord, and moving means (38) for moving the movable frame along the outer surface of the tire constituent member in its meridan direction, while keeping the cord between the supply roller and the guide mechanism always extending substantially along a normal (H); to the outer surface of the tire constituent member. The guide mechanism (24) includes a first roller (41) for guiding the cord, a rocking base (42) rockable about a substantially vertical rocking axis, and a second roller (44) for guiding the cord upstream of the first roller. An extension of the cord from the second roller (44) to the first roller (41) is coaxial to the rocking axis of the rocking base (42).

Cord winding apparatus.
Application Number
EP19910303332 19910416
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0453220 (A2)
Application Date
April 16, 1991
Publication Date
October 23, 1991
Nakashima Hiroshi
Tokunaga Toshio
Nakajima Tsuneharu
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