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Novel methods for designing humanized immunoglobulins having one or more complementary determining regions (CDR's) from a donor immunoglobulin and a framework region from a human immunoglobulin comprising first comparing the framework or variable region amino acid sequence of the donor immunoglobulin to corresponding sequences in a collection of human immunoglobulin chains, and selecting as the human immunoglobulin one of the more homologous sequences from the collection. Each humanized immunoglobulin chain may comprise about 3 or more amino acids from the donor immunoglobulin in addition to the CDR's, usually at least one of which is immediately adjacent to a CDR in the donor immunoglobulin. The heavy and light chains may each be designed by using any one or all three additional position criteria.; When combined into an intact antibody, the humanized immunoglobulins of the present invention will be substantially non-immunogenic in humans and retain substantially the same affinity as the donor immunoglobulin to the antigen, such as a protein or other compound containing an epitope.

Chimeric immunoglobulins specific for p55 tac protein of the il-2 receptor.
Application Number
EP19900903576 19891228
Publication Number
0451216 (A1)
Application Date
December 28, 1989
Publication Date
October 16, 1991
Selick Harold Edwin
Queen Cary L
Protein Design Labs
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