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The invention concerns a supporting device for bags with a holder on which several bags are arranged, whilst located on the holder is at least one support bar which is detachable and movable, e.g. slidable, if necessary capable of being fixed at a desired place on the holder, e.g. by means of notches for the support bars to engage in, and which is equipped with fixing devices for the detachable fixing of the opening edge of one of the bags or of the facing edges of the openings of neighbouring bags in the supporting device, with at least one support bar 4 or a supporting plate being positioned, in a known manner, with both ends on spars of a frame 8, spanning its aperture 9, and the spars forming a closed, in particular a rectangular, frame 8.

Supporting device for bags.
Application Number
EP19910890067 19910403
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0451135 (A1)
Application Date
April 3, 1991
Publication Date
October 9, 1991
Vogt Peter
Vogt Peter
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