0443571-A2 is referenced by 105 patents and cites 5 patents.

A liquid crystal display panel for displaying colored images while controlling a transmission of light therethrough, comprises a first transparent base (1), a first transparent electrode (3) arranged on the first base, a second transparent base (2), a second transparent electrode (4) arranged on the second base (2) and facing the first electrode (3) and a liquid crystal layer (5) interposed between the picture element electrode and the scanning electrode and formed by a polymer dispersed liquid crystal material comprising (a) a polymeric medium (7), (b) a liquid crystal material (6) surrounded by surface means or a matrix consisting of the polymeric medium, and (c) a coloring material contained in the polymeric medium (7) and/or the liquid crystal material (6), the polymeric medium (7); optionally further comprising a visible ray-absorbing black material and the liquid crystal material (6) optionally comprising a pleochroic dye.

Liquid crystal display panel.
Application Number
EP19910102519 19910221
Publication Number
0443571 (A2)
Application Date
February 21, 1991
Publication Date
August 28, 1991
Koyama Toshiya
Ito Katsuhiro
Yoshimoto Hataaki
G02F 01/137
G02F 01/1333
G02F 01/13
G02F 01/1334
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