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A control system for the high-efficiency operation of two or more large-capacity generating (5, 6) units and at least one small-capacity (7) generating unit provided at a hydroelectric power station which has a necessity ot ensure the discharge of a constant amount of water taken downstream therefrom. This control system is provided with an intake flow amount calculation element (32) that calculates an amount of water flowing into a head tank (4) , and a processing element (34) that uses the results of calculation of this water amount calculation element (32) to distribute water for power generation and that flows from the intake gate and taken is so that performs selection processing to start and stop generating units so that operation is performed to maximize the efficiency of the entire power station with respect to the water that is used for power generation.

Control system for high-efficiency operation of generating units in hydroelectric power stations.
Application Number
EP19900125062 19901221
Publication Number
0435182 (A2)
Application Date
December 21, 1990
Publication Date
July 3, 1991
Noguchi Tetsuya
Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co
F03B 15/14
F03B 15/00
H02P 09/04
F03B 15/06
H02P 09/04
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