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Apparatus and methods for the coating of different closely-spaced areas of an electrode member to produce a color filter matrix thereon. A thin translucent layer of electroconductive composition, such as ITO, is applied to isolated areas of the electrode substrate, and selected ones of said areas are charged to one polarity while the other closely-spaced areas are charged to an opposite polarity. Color material is introduced as fine droplets in a volatile vehicle, charged to said opposite polarity, for selective attraction to said selected areas and repulsion from all other areas. The procedure is repeated with different color material droplets for deposition on others of said closely-spaced areas to produce a multi-colored matrix filter, such as on the lower pel electrode or on the upper pixel common electrode of a LCD device.; Preferably the ITO layer is coated with a thin polymer layer and the color material is a diffusible dye which is heat-diffused thereinto.

Electrostatic deposition of lcd color filters.
Application Number
EP19900112642 19900703
Publication Number
0431249 (A2)
Application Date
July 3, 1990
Publication Date
June 12, 1991
Pennebaker William Boone
Goldowsky Michael Philip
G02F 01/1335
G02F 01/13
G02B 05/20
G02F 01/1335
G02B 05/20
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