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The present invention relates to an oven for food cooking, particularly for community kitchens, wherein two or more magnetrons arranged externally to the side walls propagate the microwave radiation from the entire height of said side walls toward the interior of the cooking chamber affecting a plurality of food containing pans or shelves contemporaneously present inside said cooking chamber and disposed one atop the other at different heights. An oven capable of achieving the cooking function in the microwave mode and contemporaneously in the forced convection and/or steam mode for the foods contained in said plurality of superposed pans.

Combined microwave and forced convection oven.
Application Number
EP19900119715 19901015
Publication Number
0429822 (A1)
Application Date
October 15, 1990
Publication Date
June 5, 1991
Cappello Massimo
Del Fabbro Claudio
Zanussi Grandi Impianti
H05B 06/80
H05B 06/80
H05B 06/80
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