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The invention is for a catalyst system for polymerization of olefins using an ionic mettallocene catalyst with aluminum alkyl. The metallocene catalyst is an ion pair formed from a neutral metallocene compound and an ionizing compound. The invention can be used in any method of producing ionic metallocene catalyst. Use of aluminum alkyl with an ionic metallocene catalyst eliminates the need for using methylaluminoxane (MAO). Catalysts produced by the method of this invention have high activity. The invention reduces catalyst poisons which cause low activity, no activity or uncontrolled polymerizations. Polymerizations using this catalyst system are reproducible and controllable.

Addition of aluminium alkyl for improved metallocene catalyst.
Application Number
EP19900870175 19901009
Publication Number
0426638 (A2)
Application Date
October 9, 1990
Publication Date
May 8, 1991
Elder Michael J
Ewen John A
Fina Technology
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