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This invention measures the properties of individual particles in particle-suspended liquid by an optical technique or the like, causes the particle-suspended liquid to fall while separating the liquid into droplets containing the individual particles therein, and causes fluid discharged from a nozzle to collide with the droplets from a direction differing from the direction of fall, in conformity with the properties of the particles discriminated by the measurement, so as to change the direction of fall of the falling droplets, thereby fractionating the particles.

Apparatus for and method of fractionating particle in particle-suspended liquid in conformity with the properties thereof.
Application Number
EP19900119423 19901010
Publication Number
0422616 (A2)
Application Date
October 10, 1990
Publication Date
April 17, 1991
Yoshito Yoneyama C O Canon Kab
Yoshiyuki Touge C O Canon Kabu
G01N 15/14
B41J 02/09
G01N 15/14
G01N 15/14
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