0422363-A1 is referenced by 4 patents and cites 8 patents.

A cardiac pacing lead or other stimulation lead carrying a drug incorporated into a controlled release device (30). The lead is provided with an extendable fixation helix (18) which is advanceable from the distal end of the lead in order to engage with the tissue to be stimulated and to maintain the distal end of the lead adjacent the tissue to be stimulated. The controlled release device is located within the fixation helix and is extended with the fixation helix when it is advanced out of the distal end of the lead. In its advanced position, the controlled release device is positioned adjacent the distal end of the lead, preferably in a position to contact the tissue to be stimulated.

Screw-in drug eluting medical lead for implantation.
Application Number
EP19900116116 19900822
Publication Number
0422363 (A1)
Application Date
August 22, 1990
Publication Date
April 17, 1991
Berthelsen Wendy A W
A61N 01/05
A61N 01/05
A61N 01/05
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