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There is disclosed two helmet systems, each comprising a helmet (11) and, carried by the helmet (11), an optical arrangement (13). In each system, the optical arrangement (13) both provides a collimated display superimposed on the helmet wearer's view of the forward scene through an eyeplece (15 or 50) of the arrangement (13), and senses the angular position of that eye of the helmet wearer looking through the eyepiece (15 or 50) with respect to helmet axes.; The optical arrangement (13) senses such angular position by sensing the position, within a sensing area of a sensor (37 or 72), of the point focus of infra-red radiation, from an infra-red point source (35 or 71A), reflected by the eye, and producing an electrical output representative of this position. in one helmet system the eyepiece (15) is of the open optics type and in the other the eyepiece (50) is of the solid optics type.

Helmet systems.
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EP19900307597 19900711
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0408344 (A2)
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July 11, 1990
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January 16, 1991
Staveley Christopher Barry
Marconi Gec
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