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A process for preparing aromatic ureas having the general formula I: wherein each of R and R independently represents a hydrogen atom, an alkyl or cycloalkyl group, R represents an optionally substituted aryl or heteroaryl group, and R represents an alkyl, alkenyl, alkynyl or alkoxy group, or an optionally substituted cycloalkyl, aryl or heteroaryl group, which process comprises reacting an aromatic amine having the general formula II: wherein R and R are as hereinbefore defined, or a symmetrical aromatic urea having the general formula III: wherein R and R are as hereinbefore defined, with an amine having the general formula IV: wherein R and R are as hereinbefore defined, and carbon monoxide in the presence of a catalyst comprising: a) palladium; b) an organo-nitrogen or organo-phosphorous ligand having a lone pair of electrons; and c) a metal salt comprising a cation of a metal selected from the group consisting of copper, iron, vanadium chromium, zinc, tin, uranium and cerium, and an anion of an acid having a pK of less than 2, except of a hydrohalogenic acid.

A process for the preparation of aromatic ureas.
Application Number
EP19900200959 19900418
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0395144 (A1)
Application Date
April 18, 1990
Publication Date
October 31, 1990
Terlouw Willem
Goodall Brian Leslie
Shell Int Research
C07C 275/28
C07C 273/18
C07D 261/00
C07C 273/00
C07D 261/14
C07C 273/18
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