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A latching mechanism for forceps (10) including first latch portion (30) on one forcep handle (16) and a second latch portion (60) on the other forceps handle (22) and a bias spring (23,80,82) for placing the handles (16,22), and thus the jaws (14,20), in a first predetermined spacing. The first latch portion (30) has a cam surface (38), a shelf (40) and a slot (42). The second latch portion (60) has a transverse projection (66) which engages the cam surface (38) as the handles (16, 22) close and then engages the shelf (40) and upon further closing of the handles (16, 22) and then springs through the slot (42) to disengage the latching mechanism (30, 60) and return the handles (16, 22) to the original position controlled by the bias spring (23,80,82). The first position allows a surgical assistant to load an aneurysm clip (26) into the jaws (14,20) of the forceps (10). The second predetermined position allows the surgical assistant to partially close the handles (16, 22) sufficient to hold the aneurysm clip (26) firmly in place. The surgeon then takes the forceps (10) and inserts the aneurysm clip (26) by further closing the handles (16; 22) and releases the latching mechanism (30,60) by relaxing the grip.

Multi-position latching mechanism for forceps.
Application Number
EP19900107067 19900412
Publication Number
0392547 (A1)
Application Date
April 12, 1990
Publication Date
October 17, 1990
Santangelo John A
Vasconcelos Golson S
Codman & Shurtleff
A61B 17/28
B25B 07/00
A61B 17/28
A61B 17/12
B25B 07/14
A61B 17/28
A61B 17/12
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