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The invention relates to the products of formula: and their tautomeric forms, in which formula: -Y is located at position 4, 5, 6 or 7 of the benzimidazole or azabenzimidazole ring-system and represents an imidazole, benzimidazole, triazole or imidazothiazole derivative which can be substituted or otherwise with groups such as: halogen, COR5, OR5, SR5, COOR5 (R5 being a hydrogen atom, a lower alkyl radical), a lower alkyl radical substituted or otherwise with halogen groups or groups OR5, SR5, COOR5, NHR5, NHCOR5, COR5, R5 being defined as above; -Z can represent a phenyl or pyridyl ring linked to the benzimidazole or to the azabenzimidazole directly or indirectly via a nitrogen atom unsubstituted or substituted with a lower alkyl radical, especially aniline or aminopyridine. The phenyl or pyridyl ring can be substituted or otherwise, in particular with one or more lower alkyl radicals, one or more halogen atoms, one or more groups OR5, SR5, SOR5, NHCOR5, NHR5 (R5 being defined as above), a heterocycle comprising 5 to 10 atoms containing 1 to 3 hetero elements chosen from nitrogen, oxygen or sulphur, Z can also represent an OH or SH group or a group SR6 or SOR6, R6 being a lower alkyl, C2-C8 alkenyl, especially an allyl, or a C2-C8 alkynyl, especially a propargyl; -R1 and R2 represent, simultaneously or otherwise, a hydrogen atom, a halogen atom, a CF3 or NO2 group or a group NHR4, NHCOR4, OR4, SR4 (R4 representing a hydrogen atom or a lower alkyl radical) or a lower alkyl, and can be located at positions 4,5,6,7 of the benzimidazole or the azabenzimidazole; - R3 represents a hydrogen atom, and can represent a lower alkyl radical or a benzyl group when Z represents an OH or SH group or a group SR6 or SOR6; - A, B, T, W can represent a carbon atom or a hetero element such as nitrogen; - and to medicaments containing them.o

Benzimidazole and azabenzimidazole derivatives, process for their preparation, synthesis intermediates, pharmaceutical compositions containing them, useful for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and duodenal ulcers.
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EP19900400537 19900227
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0385850 (A2)
Application Date
February 27, 1990
Publication Date
September 5, 1990
Teulon Jean Marie
Launay Michele
Lacrampe Jean
Guengoer Timur
Bru Magniez Nicole
Union Pharma Scient Appl
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