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A method and an arrangement for treating substrates, such as, for example, silicon wafers (1), in which the latter are immersed for some time in a bath (2) containing a liquid (3) and are then taken therefrom so slowly that practically the whole quantity of liquid remains in the bath (2). According to the invention, the substrates (1) are brought from the liquid (3) directly via leads (17) with outlet nozzles (18) into contact with a vapour not condensing thereon of a substance miscible with the liquid (3), which, when mixed therewith, yields a mixture having a surface tension lower than that of the liquid. It has been found that no drying marks with organic or metallic residues or other contaminations then remain on the substrates (1).

Method and arrangement for drying substrates after treatment in a liquid.
Application Number
EP19900200409 19900221
Publication Number
0385536 (A1)
Application Date
February 21, 1990
Publication Date
September 5, 1990
Van Oekel Jacques Jules
Leenaars Adriaan Franciscus Ma
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H01L 21/02
H01L 21/00
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H01L 21/306
H01L 21/304
H01L 21/00
B08B 03/08
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