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An apparatus and method for reading data in the form of indicia on a surface of a target, the indicia having a preferred reading direction, including a light source for illuminating a portion of the surface to be read with a laser beam in a scanning pattern at a predetermined scanning angle so as to scan spatially adjacent portions of the surface. A detector and a processor is provided that is operative for detecting at least a portion of the light reflected from the indicia and storing representations thereof, and further determining the angular difference between the preferred reading direction and the scanning angle. An optical component disposed adjacent the light source is provided for optically directing the laser beam along a path toward the surface and is capable of controlling and setting the predetermined scanning angle.; The optical component may be automatically rotated so as to align the direction of scan with the preferred reading direction of the indicia.

Laser scanner for reading two dimensional bar codes.
Application Number
EP19890116393 19890905
Publication Number
0384955 (A2)
Application Date
September 5, 1989
Publication Date
September 5, 1990
Metlitsky Boris
Swartz Jerome
Symbol Technologies
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G06K 07/10
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