0383087-A1 is referenced by 2 patents and cites 4 patents.

An elevator car having a clutch carried by a car door for engaging drive rollers of an adjacent hatch door via "open" and "close" vanes of the clutch. A door operator mounted on the car includes a door drive arm which is linked to the car door via a door crank arm. A door lock carried by the door clutch prevents normal operation of the door crank arm, unless the open vane of the door clutch contacts a hatch door drive roller. Thus, unless the car is in a floor landing zone, the car door cannot be opened by a passenger inside the car.

Lift car with a modified door lock.
Application Number
EP19900101742 19900129
Publication Number
0383087 (A1)
Application Date
January 29, 1990
Publication Date
August 22, 1990
Morris Arnold Michael
B66B 13/16
B66B 13/12
B66B 13/14
B66B 13/02
B66B 13/18
B66B 13/12
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