0383086-A1 is referenced by 1 patents and cites 4 patents.

An elevator car having a clutch pivotally carried by a car door and biased to an operative position in which drive rollers of an adjacent hatch door may be engaged by "open" and "close" vanes. A first parallelogram linkage operates the close vane in direct response to car door position, in a direction opposite to initial car door opening movement. A second parallelogram linkage, associated with the open vane, is operated when the open vane contacts a hatch door roller at the start of door opening, to unlock the car door by retracting a plunger from an opening in the car door sill. The car door clutch bias may be manually overcome by authorized maintenance personnel, to disengage the car door from a hatch door.

Lift car with a modified door coupling.
Application Number
EP19900101741 19900129
Publication Number
0383086 (A1)
Application Date
January 29, 1990
Publication Date
August 22, 1990
Lawson Randall Scott
Pilsbury Richard Hugh
Onrndorff Karl Brice
D Zurko Daphne Carolyn
Barkell Jr James Warren
Morris Arnold Michael
B66B 13/12
B66B 13/14
B66B 13/02
B66B 13/18
B66B 13/12
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