0379627-A1 is referenced by 16 patents and cites 2 patents.

A bottle (10) containing a liquid product to be delivered by hand pumps (14, 16) is provided with two independently operable delivery devices, each of which delivers the product in a different form, for example one in the form of spray and the other in atomized form. The bottle can be divivded into two non-communicating compartments each containing a different liquid or paste product, a different delivery device being connected to each compartment.

Bottle with double delivery device for liquids or pasters.
Application Number
EP19890103050 19890222
Publication Number
0379627 (A1)
Application Date
February 22, 1989
Publication Date
August 1, 1990
De Leonardis Demetrio
B65D 83/14
B05B 11/00
B05B 11/00
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