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An electrophoretic device (20, 40, 50, is disclosed which is fabricated in a silicon wafer with many microscopic trenches (24, 44, 54) on its surface. The trenches are preferably covered by a cover (26, 46) so that the trenches can hold an electrolyte and an electrophoretic sample. Control circuits can be conveniently fabricated on the wafer as well. The control circuit is then used for applying electric fields to the trenches in an electophoretic process to separate the sample into its components. An electrophoretic method is also disclosed which is applicable to a device with a source and a sink electrode and at least a third electrode in or adjacent to the source. The third electrode is arranged transverse to the direction for applying voltages to the source and sink.; Voltages are applied to the electrodes so that the third electrode is at a higher or lower potential than the source and sink electrodes to attract charged sample components to their vicinity. Subsequently a different set of voltages is applied to the electrodes so that the sample components in the vicinity of the third electrode move towards the sink.

Electrophoretic system.
Application Number
EP19890313379 19891220
Publication Number
0376611 (A2)
Application Date
December 20, 1989
Publication Date
July 4, 1990
Holland Kric C
Kovacs Gregory T A
Univ Leland Stanford Junior
G01N 27/447
G01N 27/26
G01N 27/447
B01D 57/02
G01N 27/447
B01D 57/02
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