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This invention relates to analogs of peptidase substrates in which the nitrogen atom of the scissile amide group of the substrate peptide has been replaced by a substituted malonyl moiety. The contemplated peptidase inhibitors of the foregoing enzymes are selected from the generic formula the hydrates, isosteres or the pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof wherein X is R1 is hydrogen, an amino protecting group selected from Group K, an alpha -amino acid or a peptide comprised of a number of alpha -amino acid building blocks, said alpha -amino acid or peptide optionally bearing on its terminal nitrogen atom an amino protecting group selected from Group K, R2 is the "R group" residue of the alpha -amino acid responsible for directing the inhibitor to the active site of the enzyme or is -A-SiR7R8R9, C1-10 alkyl, aralkyl or aryl with R7, R8 and R9,; each being selected from C1-10, alkyl, aralkyl or aryl and A is a C1-6 alkylene, R4 is the specific R-group residue of the alpha -amino acid for that peptidase substrate analog, R5 is an alpha -amino acid or peptide comprised of alpha -amino acids or is deleted, Y is NHR3 or OR3 with R3 being H, C1-7 alkyl, benzyl or phenethyl. These analogs of the peptidase substrates provide specific enzyme inhibitors for a variety of proteases, the inhibition of which will have useful physiological consequences in a variety of disease states.

Novel peptidase inhibitors.
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EP19890402763 19891006
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0364344 (A2)
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October 6, 1989
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April 18, 1990
Mehdi Shujaath
Angelastro Michael
Bey Philippe
Merrell Dow Pharma
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