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Dilatation balloons and catheters including same are provided. The balloons are fabricated of a biaxially orientable material such as a nylon or a polyamide material, and they have an inflated, non-distended working profile as well as a stretched inflated profile which is achieved by applying pressure through a dilatation catheter or the like that is in excess of that needed to achieve the inflated, non-distended profile and which is adequate to effect dilatation or the like up to a maximum pre-bursting pressure application. The maximum pre-bursting size of the balloon can be tailored depending upon the needs of the particular balloon within a wide range of possible maximum pre-bursting sizes.

Balloons for medical devices and fabrication thereof.
Application Number
EP19890118420 19891004
Publication Number
0362826 (A2)
Application Date
October 4, 1989
Publication Date
April 11, 1990
Trotta Thomas
Shonk Robert S
Pinchuk Leonard
A61M 29/02
A61M 25/10
A61M 29/02
A61M 25/00
A61L 29/00
A61M 29/02
A61M 25/00
A61L 29/06
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