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A biosensor of the invention comprises an insulating base board (1) having formed thereon, in sequence, leads (2, 3, 3'), an electrode system mainly made of carbon (4, 5, 5'), an insulating layer (6) and a reaction layer (14) composed of an enzyme and an electron acceptor, and being provided thereon with a space (8) defined by a spacer (7) and a cover (9). When a biological sample solution is brought into contact with the inlet (10) of the biosensor having the above-described structure, the sample solution is introduced into its inside, while the air within the space (8) is rapidly discharged through the outlet (11) and, at the same time, the space (8) is filled with the sample solution up to the neighborhood of the outlet. Thus, measurement can be conducted inexpensively at a high speed with a high accuracy through simple procedures without residual bubbles.

Biosensor and process for its production.
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EP19890904212 19890330
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0359831 (A1)
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March 30, 1989
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March 28, 1990
Iijima Takashi
Fujita Mayumi
Kawaguri Mariko
Nankai Shiro
Matsushita Electric
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G01N 33/487
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