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A hook arrangement for use when mooring a boat comprises a hook (1) defining a mouth (6), a gate (8) mounted upon the hook and movable between a first position in which it extends across the mouth so that the mouth is closed and a second, alternative position in which it is displaced from the mouth so that the mouth is open, means for securing a line or rope (10) to the hook, and an elongate element (11) provided with guide means (12) for engaging a line or rope, one end of the elongate element being configured such that when the guide means engage a line or rope which is secured to the hook, said one end of the elongate element may be moved axially to engage and move the gate to the second or open position to facilitate connecting the hook to a mooring point.

A hook arrangement.
Application Number
EP19890111297 19890621
Publication Number
0354327 (A1)
Application Date
June 21, 1989
Publication Date
February 14, 1990
Owen John Robert
Mcvey Carl
Rwo Marine Equip
B63B 21/54
B63B 21/00
B63B 21/54
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