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A compact, integral forced-ventilation filtration device for a closed space to be protected consisting of a housing (2) including means for air-tight connection (4) to the space to be protected, an electric blower removably attachable to the housing (2) and comprised of an electric motor (14) stationary relative to the housing (2) in the attached state of the blower and a bladed rotor (16) fixedly mounted on the output shaft (20) of the motor (14), a compartment inside the housing for accommodating a filter medium (22,24), the compartment facilitating access of the output air from the blower to the medium (22,24), and egress of the air from the medium (22,24) to a space communicating with the means of connection (4) of the housing (2), whereby ambient air is drawn in by the blower and forced thereby via the filter medium (22,24) into the space to be protected.

Forced-ventilation filtration device.
Application Number
EP19890307373 19890720
Publication Number
0352113 (A2)
Application Date
July 20, 1989
Publication Date
January 24, 1990
Bar Sela Gad
Bar Yona Itzchak
Eagle Military Gear Overseas L
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