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The present invention pertains to a savory flavored nonsweet composition comprising a sweet carbohydrate bulking agent, a savory flavoring agent and a sufficient amount of a sweetness inhibiting agent to nullify the sweetness of the bulking agent. The present invention also pertains to a method for preparing a savory flavored nonsweet composition which comprises heating and mixing a sweet carbohydrate bulking agent at elevated temperatures, cooling the bulking agent to a temperature below about 120 C., admixing the savory flavoring agent and the sweetness inhibiting agent with the bulking agent and forming the resulting mixture into a desired shape.

Savoury flavoured nonsweet compositions using sweet carbohydrate bulking agents and processes for their preparation.
Application Number
EP19890306682 19890630
Publication Number
0351973 (A2)
Application Date
June 30, 1989
Publication Date
January 24, 1990
Moskowitz Alan
Bunick Frank John
Militescu Carolina
Hussein Mamoun Mahmoud
Warner Lambert Co
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A23G 03/30
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A23L 01/236
A23L 01/236
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