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In a rotary head drum apparatus having a magnetic head (10) attached to a rotary drum member (11) and connected to a coil (18a) of a rotor (18) of a rotary transformer (17) so that a signal is transmitted between the magnetic head (10) and a stationary drum member (12) through the rotary transformer (17), a resilient contactor (16) is mounted on one of the rotary drum members (11) and the rotor (18) of the rotary transformer (17), and a contact portion (13) is formed on the other of the rotor (18) and the rotary drum member (11) so as to be contacted by the resilient contactor (16) when the rotary drum (11) and the rotary transformer (17) are assembled with each other.; The apparatus further includes an aperture bored through an end face of the stationary drum member (12) and a ground contact pin (31) which is flexible in its radial direction is inserted into the aperture for connecting the stationary drum member (12) to ground. Further, the rotary (11) or stationary (12) drum member is rotatably supported through a support shaft (26) secured in a bore (27) of the stationary (12) or rotary (11) drum member, respectively, and at least one concave or undercut annulus is formed in the inner surface of the bore (27) into which the support shaft (26) is inserted with a press-fit so as to be secured to the inner surface of the bore (27) at its lands or portions above and below the concave or undercut annulus.

Rotary head drum apparatus.
Application Number
EP19890401858 19890628
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0349430 (A2)
Application Date
June 28, 1989
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January 3, 1990
Kijima Masakazu C O Sony Corpo
Fukushima Hideo C O Sony Corpo
G11B 05/53
G11B 05/53
G11B 05/53
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