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Knee joint prosthesis comprising a metal or other femoral component (10) providing substitute condylar bearing surfaces (20); a metal or other tibial component (12) whose major portion (24) provides a platform; and a single plastics or other meniscal element (14) seating on said platform and engaged by the said bearing surfaces, the tibial component and the meniscal element being provided with inter-engaging locating means, typically a pivot (32) which locates in a shaped central cut-away (44) of the element and a locating flange (36) co-acting with a recess (46) in the front edge of the element, to prevent excessive displacement while allowing limited rotary movement about the tibia axis together with limited forward and rearward gliding movement on articulation of the assembled joint.

Knee prosthesis.
Application Number
EP19890306170 19890619
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0349173 (A1)
Application Date
June 19, 1989
Publication Date
January 3, 1990
Polyzoides John
Tsakonas Athanassis
Polyzoides John
A61F 02/38
A61F 02/38
A61F 02/38
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