0348978-A2 is referenced by 42 patents and cites 4 patents.

An absorbent article (38) is disclosed for absorbing and retaining human exudate. The article includes an absorbent (40) having a first surface facing the body of a user and a second surface aligned approximately opposite to the first surface. A liquid-impermeable baffle (42) is positioned adjacent to at least the second surface of the absorbent (40) while a fluid permeable cover (44) is positioned adjacent to at least the first surface of the absorbent (40). A deodorizing mixture (48) is positioned within the article and is positioned to remain dry for a substantial period of time. The mixture is an anhydrous, non-buffer blend of acidc, basic and pH neutral odor absorbing particles.

Absorbent article.
Application Number
EP19890111867 19890629
Publication Number
0348978 (A2)
Application Date
June 29, 1989
Publication Date
January 3, 1990
Gossens Anthonette Adeline
Bruemmer Hoffman Mary Anne
Tanzer Richard Warren
Kimberly Clark Co
A61L 15/00
A61L 09/01
A61F 13/15
A61F 13/15
A61F 13/15
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