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This invention provides a platinum-containing hydrosilylation catalyst in particulate form with an average particle size not exceeding 100 micrometers. The particles also contain a silicone resin having a softening point of from 50 to 200 degrees Centigrade. The improvement resides in the presence of a surface layer in said particles that is essentially free of the platinum-containing catalyst. As a consequence of this structure, when the catalyst composition is used as the curing catalyst in a hydrosilylation-curing organopolysiloxane composition, the composition characteristically exhibits an excellent storage stability while still curing rapidly upon heating.

Method for preparing a particulate material comprising a platinum-containing hydrosilylation catalyst and a silicone resin.
Application Number
EP19890111335 19890622
Publication Number
0347895 (A2)
Application Date
June 22, 1989
Publication Date
December 27, 1989
Toshio Saruyama
Atasushi Togashi
Toray Silicone Co
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