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The invention concerns an apparatus for the administration of drugs in form of metered aerosol, consisting of an expansion chamber (3) comprising two coaxial tubes (1, 2) freely slidable within one another and detachable. The external tube (1) has an open end (4) and a tapered end (5) on which the chamber mouth-piece (9) is mounted. The internal tube (2) has an open end (10) which may be inserted into the external tube (1) and on opposite end (11) on which the mouth-piece of a conventional dispenser containing the active principale in form of pressurized aerosol is stuck. The apparatus allows a better penetration of the drug into the airways up to the deepest zones of the bronchial tree.

A device for dispensing metered amounts of aerosol for inhalation.
Application Number
EP19890111020 19890617
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0347779 (A2)
Application Date
June 17, 1989
Publication Date
December 27, 1989
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