0346847-A2 is referenced by 262 patents and cites 2 patents.

Compounds of the formula wherein R represents alkoxycarbonyl, aralkoxycarbonyl, alkanoyl, cycloalkylcarbonyl, aralkanoyl, aroyl, heterocyclylcarbonyl, alkylsulphonyl, arylsulphonyl, monoaralkylcarbamoyl, cinnamoyl or alpha -aralkoxycarbonylaminoalkanoyl and R represents hydrogen or R and R together with the nitrogen atom to which they are attached represent a cyclic imide group of the formula in which P and Q together represent an aromatic system; R represents alkyl, cycloalkyl, aryl, aralkyl, heterocyclylalkyl, cyanoalkyl, alkylsulphinylalkyl, carbamoylalkyl or alkoxycarbonylalkyl or, when n stands for zero, R can also represent alkylthioalkyl or, when n stands for 1, R can also represent alkylsulphonylalkyl; R represents alkyl, cycloalkyl, cycloalkylalkyl, aryl or aralkyl; R represents hydrogen and R represents hydroxy or R and R together represent oxo; R and R together represent a trimethylene or tetramethylene group which is optionally substituted by hydroxy, alkoxycarbonylamino or acylamino or in which one -CH2- group is replaced by -NH-, -N(alkoxycarbonyl)-, -N(acyl)- or -S- or which carries a fused cycloalkane, aromatic or heteroaromatic ring; and R represents alkoxycarbonyl, monoalkylcarbamoyl, monoaralkylcarbamoyl, monoarylcarbamoyl or a group of the formula in which R and R each represent alkyl; and their pharmaceutically acceptable acid addition salts inhibit proteases of viral origin and can be used as medicaments for the treatment or prophylaxis of viral infections. They can be manufactured according to generally known procedures.

Amino acid derivatives.
Application Number
EP19890110717 19890613
Publication Number
0346847 (A2)
Application Date
June 13, 1989
Publication Date
December 20, 1989
Thomas Gareth John
Redshaw Sally
Martin Joseph Armstrong
Machin Peter James
Handa Balraj Krishan
Hoffmann La Roche
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