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A process for producing a stretch blow-molded bottle with a handle, by the steps of (a) stretching an injection-molded or blow-molded preform formed of a thermoplastic resin within a blow-mold by axial stretching with a stretch pin and transverse stretch with blown air at a temperature at least equal to the glass transition point of the resin but below its molding temperature; (b) pressing and holding an area of the stretched preform between a pair of opposed movable projecting members provided within the blow mold after the preform is expanded to substantially fill the inner volume of the blow mold and before the preform is cooled to a temperature below the glass transition point; and (c) cooling the expanded preform by contact with the inner walls of the blow mold to form a stretch blow-molded bottle having opposing depressions defining a handle.; In another aspect, the invention relates to a process for producing a stretch blow-molded bottle by the further step of thermally fusing the peripheral edges of the opposing depression and removing the resin inside the peripheral edges to form a hand hole surrounded by the stretch blow-molded bottle.

Process for producing stretch blow-molded bottle with a handle.
Application Number
EP19880109693 19880616
Publication Number
0346518 (A1)
Application Date
June 16, 1988
Publication Date
December 20, 1989
Uchiyama Mikio C O Tahara Shoy
Ando Nobuhiko Toagosei Chemica
Matsuoka Daizo C O Toagosei Ch
Tahara Shoyei
Toa Gosei Chem
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