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Process for adjusting the brightness of a microtip fluorescent screen and device for implementing this process. This type of screen is matrix-like and addressed by a line scanning, a pixel is formed at each line-column crossover. For a "lighted" pixel, for a selection time T of the corresponding line, a quantity of charge is emitted by the associated microtips. The adjusting of the brightness is performed during the selection time of each line, by controlling the quantity of charges emitted by the microtips of each pixel to be lit, this quantity of charges being identical for each pixel. Application to displaying.

Addressing process for a microtip fluorescent display.
Application Number
EP19890401477 19890530
Publication Number
0345148 (A1)
Application Date
May 30, 1989
Publication Date
December 6, 1989
Ghis Anne
Clerc Jean Frederic
Commissariat Energie Atomique
G09G 03/22
G09G 03/22
G09G 03/30
G09G 03/22
G09G 03/30
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