0341745-A1 is referenced by 122 patents and cites 4 patents.

Inter and/or intramolecular cross-linked esters of acid polysaccharides are disclosed in which a part or all of the carboxy groups are esterified with hydroxyl groups of the same molecule and/or of different molecules of the acid polysaccharide. These inner cross-linked esters of polysaccharide acids are useful in the field of biodegradable plastic materials, to manufacture sanitary and surgical articles, in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical fields, in the food industry and in many other industrial fields.

Crosslinked carboxy polysaccharides.
Application Number
EP19890108630 19890512
Publication Number
0341745 (A1)
Application Date
May 12, 1989
Publication Date
November 15, 1989
Romeo Aurelio Prof
Della Valle Francesco Dr
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