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Disclosed is a process for producing an aromatic carbonate which comprises reacting a phenolic compound with a di-aliphatic carbonate or an aliphatic-aromatic carbonate in the presence of a catalyst. The catalyst is either SnO and/or a tin compound represented by the following formula wherein X and Y are identical or different and each represents OH, SCN, OR, OCOR or a halogen atom, R represents an alkyl or aryl group, X and Y are not alkoxy groups at the same time, and R represents an alkyl or aryl group; or at least one compound of an element selected from the group consisting of Sc, Cr, Mo, W, Mn, Au, Ga, In, Bi, Te and lantanoids. The use of these specific catalysts enables the product to be obtained in high yields and selectivities and makes it easy to purify the product.

Process for production of aromatic carbonate compound.
Application Number
EP19890303804 19890417
Publication Number
0338760 (A2)
Application Date
April 17, 1989
Publication Date
October 25, 1989
Matsunaga Yuuichi C O Mitsui P
Kiso Yoshihisa C O Mitsui Petr
Mitsui Petrochemical
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C07C 69/96
C07C 68/06
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