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In a 35mm film cassette (1), the leading end (45) of a film roll coiled about a film spool (5) is located within the cassette shell (3). The film spool (5) is comprised of two pieces (77, 79) constructed to telescopically receive one another. Each spool piece (77, 79) includes a radially extending flange (51, 53) normally disposed adjacent one of the opposite sides of the film roll. When the film spool (5) is initially rotated in a film unwinding direction (U), a rotation-responsive cam device (83, 85) coupling the two spool pieces (77, 79) automatically moves one spool piece axially toward the other piece to cause the respective flanges (51, 53) to clamp the film roll at its opposite sides .; As a result, the leading end (45) of the film roll will be rotated past a stripper-guide (93) which strips the leading end (45) from between the flanges (51, 53) and guides it through a light-trapped opening (25) in the cassette shell (3). Thus rotation of the film spool (5) in the unwinding direction (U) will advance the leading end (45) to the outside of the film cassette (1).

Film cassette.
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EP19890105142 19890322
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0334325 (A2)
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March 22, 1989
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September 27, 1989
Fairman Patricia Dwyer C O Eas
Eastman Kodak Co
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G03B 17/30
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G03B 17/30
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