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A contaminant shield (10) prevents airborne contaminants manufacturing facility. The contaminant shield is formed of a plurality of like frames (12), each formed of a plurality of interconnected side frame embers (14,16,18, 20) covered by a flexible sheet attached at its outer edges to the side frame members. The frames are interconnected at adjacent edges to form the complete contaminant shield. A sealing strip is applied to the joints between adjacent frames to form a continuous contaminant barrier in conjunction with the flexible sheet attached to each frame. The contaminant shield is constructed by first constructing a plurality of frames by interconnecting side frame members into a rigid, planar frame and attaching the edges of a flexible sheet to each side frame member of the frame.; Each of the side frame embers includes an aperture which received a complimentrally shaped cap which traps the edges of the flexible sheet between itself and the aperture in the side frame for securely attaching the flexible sheet to the side frame.

Contaminant shield and method of constructing same.
Application Number
EP19890730057 19890302
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0331621 (A2)
Application Date
March 2, 1989
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September 6, 1989
Pohl Ronald R
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B05B 15/12
E04H 15/64
B05B 15/12
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