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In a navigation system, a first external storage device (16) which may be a CD stores data representing a standard map of a particular area and that required for guidance, and a second external storage device (17) which may be an IC card stores individual data which cannot be complemented by said data representing the standard map and said guidance data. Since the data is stored in both CD and IC card, the number of data can be reduced. This makes the operation simpler and enables data that meets the demand of a user to be selectively supplied to the user. In consequence, guided navigation is made possible from any starting point to a destination, and data updating can be made relatively easy.

Navigation system.
Application Number
EP19880312450 19881230
Publication Number
0330787 (A2)
Application Date
December 30, 1988
Publication Date
September 6, 1989
Sumiya Koji
Kobayashi Koji
Yokoyama Shoji
Kawai Masao
Moroto Shuzo
Shinsangyo Kaihatsu
Aisin Aw Co
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