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Production of a chemically modified, crosslinkable, telopeptide-containing, naturally crosslinked, solubilized collagen from tissue obtained from a sole human donor, for implanting in the same donor, by chemically modifying the tissue, e.g. by acylation and/or esterification, to form an autoimplantable, crosslinkable, telopeptide-containing, naturally crosslinked, collagen product, as a completely solubilized collagen solution, optionally of high index of refraction for correcting sight, or as a partially solubilized collagen suspension; ; and use of the product for altering the condition of in situ tissue of the same human donor by autoimplantation, such as by crosslinking the product to form an implant device, by placing an effective amount of the product at the tissue site and crosslinking the product in situ, or by partially crosslinking the product and placing an effective amount thereof at the tissue site and optionally further crosslinking the product in situ.

Human collagen processing and autoimplant use.
Application Number
EP19890301580 19890217
Publication Number
0330389 (A2)
Application Date
February 17, 1989
Publication Date
August 30, 1989
Devore Dale P
Kelman Charles D
Devore Dale P
Kelman Charles D M D
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