0329348-A2 is referenced by 49 patents and cites 2 patents.

2 min ,3 min -Dideoxy-2 min ,2 min -difluoronucleosides are useful for treating susceptible neoplasms and viral infections in mammals and have the formula wherein: R is hydrogen, C1-C4 alkyl or - @-R; R is a base defined by one of the formulae R is hydrogen, amino, azido or fluoro; R is hydrogen or fluoro; each R independently is hydrogen or C1-C4 alkyl; R is hydrogen, C1-C4 alkyl or - @-R; R is hydrogen, C1-C4 alkyl, C1-C4 haloalkyl, amino, bromo, fluoro, chloro or iodo; R is hydroxy or amino; R is hydrogen, bromo, chloro or iodo; R is -NHR, bromo, chloro, hydroxy, fluoro or iodo; Z is N or C-R; or a pharmaceutically-acceptable salt thereof; with the proviso that when R is fluoro, R is other than amino or azido.

Application Number
EP19890301309 19890210
Publication Number
0329348 (A2)
Application Date
February 10, 1989
Publication Date
August 23, 1989
Kroin Julian Stanley
Grossman Cora Sue
Hertel Larry Wayne
Lilly Co Eli
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