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The invention comprises a magazine (2) containing a continuous stock of tickets delimited by weakening lines, a station for magnetic writing on a ticket, means for printing on a ticket, an issuing station and a belt (C1) wound in closed circuit on rollers, of which one is a driving roller for driving a ticket from the magazine (2) to the issuing station (74). The belt (C1) is provided level with the magnetic station and extends as far as a pair of intake rollers (G1-G2) remaining in engagement with the end part of the continuous stock of tickets, the magnetic writing being carried out before the ticket in question is separated from the continuous stock. A cutting station (20) is provided between the writing station and the printing means.; This results, on the one hand, in a synchronisation of the intake of tickets with the magnetic writing and, on the other hand, in a simultaneous execution of writing on a particular ticket not yet cut and a printing on the preceding cut ticket.

Ticket-processing device, in particular for airline tickets carrying magnetic information.
Application Number
EP19890400105 19890112
Publication Number
0325516 (A1)
Application Date
January 12, 1989
Publication Date
July 26, 1989
Becker Dominique
Hibon Jean Claude
Dassault Electronique
G07B 01/00
G07B 01/00
B41J 02/325
G07B 01/00
B41J 02/325
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