0322334-A1 is referenced by 439 patents and cites 10 patents.

The invention relates to a prosthesis implanted between the vertebral spinous processes with locking suspension. It consists of a flat, semi-elastic braid (1) and one or more small pads (3, 4) made of the same material as the braid (1); the braid (1) is provided at one end with a lacing eyelet (2); the small pad (3 or 4) has the shape of a small hollow cylinder. The invention is used in particular for straightening the vertebrae in order to combat lordosis.

Prosthesis implanted between vertebral spinous processes.
Application Number
EP19880480093 19881208
Publication Number
0322334 (A1)
Application Date
December 8, 1988
Publication Date
June 28, 1989
Bronsard Jean Jacques
Cote R L
A61F 05/02
A61B 17/70
A61B 17/68
A61B 17/84
A61B 17/70
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