0322227-A2 is referenced by 15 patents and cites 3 patents.

A process for the production of bishomo- gamma -linolenic acid characterized by adding an additive to a culture medium, which additive is preferably selected from sesame oil, peanut oil, an extract from sesame oil or sesame seeds, and a lignan compound present in the extract from sesame oil or sesame seeds. The process uses, as a producer microorganism, a microorganism capable of producing arachidonic acid.

Process for production of bishomo-gamma-linolenic acid.
Application Number
EP19880312144 19881221
Publication Number
0322227 (A2)
Application Date
December 21, 1988
Publication Date
June 28, 1989
Shimizu Sakayu
Shinmen Yoshifumi
Yamada Hideaki
Akimoto Kengo
C12P 07/64
C12P 07/64
C12P 07/40
C12P 07/64
C12P 07/40
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